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Resources and Facilities

We apply a range of computer aided engineering (CAE) tools in combination with large-scale laboratory facilities as platform in our development work.

Our CAE suite includes:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – we apply CFD as an analytical tool in the solving of thermal/ fluid/ gas flow problems
  • Multiphysics involving multiple physical models or simultaneous physical phenomena
  • Modelling tools (2D/ 3D/ CAD)
  • Finite Element Method and Analysis (FEM/ FEA)

We also hold experience in the use of recognized methodological approaches covering:

  • Hazard assessments (HAZID)/ risk assessments
  • Potential Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

We do rapid prototyping and test model manufacturing. Mentum also operate fluid/ flow facilities suitable for proof-of-concept type assessments as well as meso-scale testing involving flow including that of seawater. Our laboratory facilities can also address the suitability of alternative materials under various operational conditions including cavitation and chemical resistance).

Technological Feasibility

Traditional product development is generated by the necessity to solve a new problem, to improve the performance of an existing product, service or practice, to utilize opportunities emerging from new technological developments or the need to solve an existing problem in a different manner caused by changing frameworks. Technological breakthroughs driven by the sustainable-revolution is an example of the latter! We understand the challenges in product development regardless of the origin of the task.

We undertake conceptual evaluations through technological feasibility assessments. These may involve considerations of applied principles, literature studies, initial science checks by applying multi-physical laws/ analysis, modelling and conceptual testing.

Our method of work is goal-driven. Should an idea simply not have the potential, we will revert from trying the impossible.

Material Technology

Mentum have developed material acceptance criteria for applications in areas with lacking operational experience or where operational conditions are partly uncertain. We have also developed test procedures and undertaken test programs accordingly under the supervision of independent third parties. We collaborate with research institutions covering all engineering materials including protective coatings. Mentum have applied nanotechnology in engineering applications as material performance inhibitors.

Manufacturing and Industrialization

New products may require new manufacturing strategies, the development of production tools, and implementation of qualitative manufacturing measures. Mentum often follows the product when leaving the development stage as it takes its first steps towards industrialisation.