High-capacity reliable seawater microfiltration technologies are sought after in many sectors; oil and gas, aquaculture, water production and shipping to mention only a few. From experiencing utterly disappointment in applications using filtration systems delivered from reliable suppliers, Mentum decided to take action.

We started addressing filters already back in 2006 when we were developing treatment systems for ballast water management. In 2011, we concluded that our cooperative efforts in jointly developing technology with established players simply did not progress satisfactorily and Moss hydro AS was established.

Moss Hydro built its first mild-steel single house multi-screen high capacity microfiltration unit in 2011 with retention capability at 40 micrometres (the diameter of human hair is typically 20 micrometres) at a flow rate of 3300 m3/hr. Later, Moss Hydro developed a range of filter units and pretty much cover all requested flows. Taking advantage of atomised lean-based manufacturing, the company offers high quality filters in super duplex steel quality at process competitive to that of alternative mild-steel products! The competitive advantages being massive weight savings, hugely improved quality and maintenance free housings.

Moss Hydro have also developed improved self-cleaning nozzle-arrangements, improving reliability beyond that of the competition. The products are patented.

Mentum have been responsible for the development of the Moss Hydro technology and remain a major shareholder.

For further reading, visit www.mosshydro.com. Investors, please contact Stein Foss for additional information.