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Sea-Lix Mentum initiated the development of a bi-directional turbine already in 2006, inspired firstly by the energy potential of the tides. The project evolved over some time, and in 2011 it was decided to arrange the project as a standalone company. Sea-Lix AS was established. Sea-Lix AS is developing a bi-directional contra-rotating twin turbine technology […]


InNano is the result of curiosity taking control as it really did come off as a bi-product when we tried to mimic photo-catalysis as means of treating flowing water. We asked ourselves – is it easier making this happen in a gaseous atmosphere? Basics! – in photocatalysis (photogenerated catalysis), light is absorbed by the catalyst […]

Moss Hydro

High-capacity reliable seawater microfiltration technologies are sought after in many sectors; oil and gas, aquaculture, water production and shipping to mention only a few. From experiencing utterly disappointment in applications using filtration systems delivered from reliable suppliers, Mentum decided to take action. We started addressing filters already back in 2006 when we were developing treatment systems for […]


InBallast is a consulting engineering firm that delivers services related to ballast water management to shipowners, vendors and regulators. We have a proven track record of work with all technologies and ship types. Visit InBallast’s website for more information.