Our platform technology, evolved from the tidal challenge, has proven to be extremely versatile and flexible and is now available for both hydrokinetic applications as well as for more conventional applications.

We have recently finalised the development of a unique “Power Off-Grid” turbine which has been designed to make use of a small pressure-loss to generate “on site” reliable and continuous power for monitoring and control equipment. This unit, the POGMO, has been welcomed by the water utilities sector in particular. Crucial data, and means of control required to properly manage water distribution networks, is sometimes not available simply because of lack of access to electrical power at hotspots in the water network. The POGMO can be integrated in the pipework and will allow the continuous powering of equipment such as pressure sensors, flowmeters, leakage detection equipment and even motors controlling valves, filters and others. The pressure loss generated by the POGMO is approximately 0.3 bar, maximum loss is limited to 0.5 bar.

This concept has been developed further to remove excess pressure – and (re)generate it to electrical power. Current practice in water distribution sectors is to manage excess pressure by the use of mechanical pressure reduction valves thereby creating waste heat. This approach is obviously not sustainable and is being jeopardized by an increasing number of stakeholders. Available continuous data harvested by sensors powered by the Sea-Lix’ POGMO will now also allow water utilities to regulate pressure and at the same time generate electricity by using our Pressure-to-Power (POPCO) turbine!

The illustration below presents the main features of the POGMO:




The nature of the Sea-Lix concept allows an unusually compact design as the diameter of the rotors can be kept to a minimum. The two rotors are self-cancelling causing the downstream flow-pattern to be “homogeneous” thereby reducing potential erosion issues and allowing simpler mounting. We have utilized these two characteristics in our compact Plug n’ Play containerised hydropower station. The unit is truly self-contained, requiring only connection to water inlet and outlet.

The illustrations below presents Sea-Lix integrated hydropower unit. This particular application includes the pre-filtration of the water prior to entering the actual turbine. This is an add-on and is not a requirement for operations.


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