After spending more than a decade founding, developing, industrializing and commercializing our start-up babies; OceanSaver and MossHydro (among others) – time has come to nourish, nurse and realize our favorite baby – Sea-Lix!!

Back to 2007 – after chasing the beach at Plémont, Jersey – rather unsuccessfully – I decided to do it properly and read the tidal tables. As they say – timing is everything. And yes – I did find the beach… I also realized the vast potential of the tides….

This is a long time ago – even though, this moment represents the birth of what became Sea-Lix. On my return home, I sat down with Jason Dale (the other founder of Sea-Lix) to discuss the potentials of harvesting from the tides. Maybe somewhat naïve of even cocky (or both) – after looking at the various projects ongoing or being proposed at the time, we decided we could do better!

In light of a very busy schedule elsewise, the project sadly did not achieve the attention it deserved until 2011 when we filed two patent applications and established the project as a formal legal entity; the company Sea-Lix. From then, focus has been on developing the technology, identifying opportune markets and creating solutions for targeted applications.

So.., in 2016 – we were granted funds from Innovation Norway to establish a tidal/ free flow demonstrator at Vargfjorden in northern Norway – later the same year we decided to also develop a pressure control turbine, so keeping busy.

In between all this – we have finally had some spare time to develop our web identity. Please visit when convenient, and we’ll tell you more!